Our sub-site about our hosting business.

Ready for a website? You need to put it somewhere. That’s called “hosting”. If you work with Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing to build your site, we initially host it for you for a limited time. Then you have to take it over. Maybe…

We no longer handle “just hosting”, not even at a premium price, since the end of 2016. Earlier for most of our clients. But… for clients who commit to significant ongoing business with us (at least three hundred dollars monthly in combined maintenance, site content development, social media marketing, and/or online advertising management, in addition to hosting), we can continue to manage your hosting for you, at all technical levels. Which goes far beyond even what “Managed WordPress Hosts” provide. At a similar price for managed hosting.

For customers at lower budgets with us, or who have completed a site build/redesign project and are moving out, we can help you migrate to a managed hosting partner, and can suggest some good choices in those specialty services.  Which won’t always be the same provider, because each site’s needs are different even if the same technology stack.

Note that even with “managed hosting”, you will still have more responsibility to do, or to pay someone to do, the monitoring, management, and improvements that we do as part of our comprehensive offering. But our suggested “managed WordPress hosts” do a lot of the technical complexities off your hands.

We rarely recommend “regular web hosting”, also sometimes called “Shared hosting” or even you own section of “reseller hosting”, to business owners and entrepreneurs, nor do we normally help you obtain that type of product. Not unless you have a low-volume site, you  yourselves are reasonably technical people, and you have the time and willingness to spend on that rather than focusing on your core business. You simply don’t get enough support, nor quality of technical hosting speed, reliability, and security at “regular web hosts.” Yes, there are a very few good “regular hosts” – which we do use ourselves sometimes, though only for secondary sites, “warm failover” emergency-use sites, and development, test, or experimental sites. In fact, this “sub-site” of ours which you’re reading right now, is at one of those few good “regular hosts”. But our regular sites, and yours if you host with us, are at higher-quality, higher-performance, specialty hosting arrangements and private servers.

This sub-site is under development. This will be a sub-site of our overall Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing sites and servers network. With content specific to our Managed Web Hosting offering and related topics of interest on web hosting and servers.

Our main site is SouthernCrossWeb.com and our primary email is info@southerncrossweb.com. You will find contact information for us there. For the moment, you may also find much more content and assistance of interest there. Or maybe not, if we’re rebuilding that! (Which, as of March-April 2017, we are. But it does still have our contact info.) Either way, thanks for stopping by.  Also be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+  with a variety of different posts and info at each social media site. All public to read, even if you aren’t a member of that network.